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My first massage at WMT I had my first massage with Matt at WMT on Wed. Jan. 29th, 2014. He did a fabulous job. He knew just what depth I needed and the massage was full and flowed very nicely. Matt was friendly and professional, and really took the time to show me as a client , that he really wanted to do the best for me and what my body tissue and muscles needed; in other words, I felt cared for, not just like I was a client #. Matt is knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. His work space was very cozy, clean, and professional. I will highly recommend Matt for Massage Therapy whenever applicable .
Jon M
Very happy Matt, thank you so much for working out my kinks. I feel like a new man! After my 90 minute deep tissue massage I felt so rejuvenated. The massage put me right back in balance with my spirit. Thank you, Jon Monge
Tamara B
Pain relief and Professionalism After 3 car wrecks between the ages of 13 and 30, I found myself suffering from continued neck and shoulder pain eminating into my left arm. I began to seek relief from a number of different therapies and found that deep tissue massage was the only thing that provided longer term relief. I was very lucky to find great therapists when living in Texas and Colorado. The value of massage is very respected in Austin and Denver, where I formerly resided. I moved back to the East Coast, specifically Webster, Mass., where I grew up, in 2013. Since returning home I have sought a new massage therapist. I have degenerative disc disease with severity in my 5th and 6th vertebrae. If I do not keep up with massage the pain in my left shoulder blade and the numbness in my left arm and fingers can make it impossible to sit, drive, sleep and be comfortable in most places. It causes me to be irritable and short tempered. I do not take pain medication because I find it only masks the symptoms and does not alleviate them. Finally, after 5 tries to find a good therapist, I searched locally and found Matt Olds in Webster. I asked around and her he was very good. My attempts before had led me to people that may have had their license but their technique, professionalism and abilities were severly lacking. I require deep tissue, that while it can be difficult during, and even somewhat the next day, provides the ultimate relief after. Matt has a great website where you can make an appt., he responds quickly, his office is comfortable, he is nice and extremely professional and best of all...HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. He listened to my body and knew where to apply pressure and where to back off. He was attuned with my needs and was able to do deep tissue, where others have not been able to. I could tell that he would also be great at less intense Swedish also. He took credit cards, promptly sent me a receipt and an email reminder for the next appointment we booked and I know I will get another reminder as the next appointment approaches. I would highly recommend Matt. Trust me, I have probably seen over 20 massage therapists across this country and he is the real deal. How awesome that he is on my small town!!! And here is the bigger deal-Do you know someone in pain? Do they take pain meds or muscle relaxers? Do they have trouble sleeping or walking or sitting? Are they cranky from the pain? I completely attest that massage has saved my life and changed me. The financial investment is worth every penny to be drug and pain free. Matt also does Reiki and other healing work. I hope you try him. It is worth it!!!